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On behalf of the hard-working team behind VidViral 2.0, I would like to congratulate you on your smart purchase and extend a very warm welcome to the VidViral 2.0 family!

As you are already aware, VidViral 2.0 is a sensational video enhancing tool that can help you transform your regular videos into truly world class video memes that will go VIRAL, build HIGH-VALUE user engagement, and drive UNLIMITED FREE buyer traffic!

But while the front-end version of VidViral 2.0 is packed with dozens of exciting elements, we did exclude some additional features to keep the cost affordable for our basic users.

To extend our gratitude to those of you who want to truly drive more value and grow your business even more, we are running an Exclusive Limited Period Offer!

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Offer Valid For
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You all know that the Frontend Product of VidViral 2.0 comprises an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that lets you convert your video content into a FREE online buyer traffic magnet.

And we are sure you’ll be happy with all the features we’ve packed in.

But when you upgrade to VidViral Pro & Template Club,
you get dozens of additional features!

Create 100 New Campaigns Every Month!

When you upgrade to VidViral Pro & Template Club, you have the capacity to create as many as 100 new campaigns per month! That’s more than 3X of what the front-end version gets you!
Build more campaigns at the same time, multiply your output from the same resource, and attract lots more buyer traffic. This means more scope for you to make money!

Make Longer Video Memes that Go Viral!

While the front-end version of VidViral 2.0 limits video length to less than 15 minutes, Pro subscribers get to make even longer videos! This means more avenue for you to build engagement with long-form videos and greater opportunity to rake in revenue from buyer traffic.

Advanced users with access to VidViral Pro & Template Club stand to have a serious advantage in terms of traffic generated and money earned compared to basic users of the front-end version. So why limit your chances of getting more growth and success! Go for VidViral 2.0 Pro and Template Club today.

Even Bigger Collection of High-Converting Templates

The front-end version of VidViral 2.0 comes with 25+ square and 25+ vertical high-converting templates to help customize your videos and boost conversions. But with the VidViral Pro & Template Club, you get an additional 25 square and 25 vertical high-converting templates, as well 20 additional high-converting templates each month! Yeah, it’s true. That’s 120+ templates available for use!
Now you can do much more with VidViral Pro and Template Club and boost your video engagement with these high-converting templates.

Make Your Own Designs!

With VidViral Pro & Template Club, you also have the option to save your own designs as a template and use it as per your convenience. This will help you retain your brand’s identity across all the videos hosted on your page or website!
Use the Pro version of VidViral 2.0 to make your video memes and create greater recall among your audience and retain your user base with ease!

Additional Filters, Frames and Borders

The upgraded version of VidViral 2.0 offers a wider range of frames and borders to give your video memes a distinct touch. With video filters, you can add effects like black & white, sepia, and others!
With the Pro version of VidViral 2.0, you can add different effects to videos in the start and give more personal touch to your video memes.
So, upgrade to pro version and create a much better video memes with ease and drive even greater buyer traffic!

Burn Sub-Titles Straight to Your Video

With VidViral Pro & Template Club, you can burn subtitles directly on the video file. This is over and above the headers and footers you add to your memes and will help you engage with your audience if the video autoplays on mute.
Target users across geographies who may speak different languages with the new subtitles feature only available with VidViral Pro & Template Club!

Additional Library of Icons and Images

While VidViral 2.0 comes with a built-in library of images and icons, VidViral Pro & Template Club offers an even wider collection of images, icons, emojis, and other elements to help you transform your video content into an enormous traffic generator.
This means, advanced users like you never have to worry about repeating image and icons across your video content with VidViral Pro & Template Club!

Additional Features Available on Request

As a Pro user, you even get to suggest new video enhancement features for making your Video Memes even better. And you also get a chance to access all new additional features which are specifically developed for on-demand requests.
Think you have an idea that will make your video enhancement process better? Shoot us a request and we’ll make it happen as soon as possible.
But remember, you can use this feature only if you subscribe to the Pro Version of VidViral 2.0.

Video Speed

This awesome feature lets you increase or decrease the speed of your videos. So now, you can easily speed up or make your videos slow by 0.5X/ 2X/ 4x and more.
Using this incredible Video Speed feature, you can give time-lapse and slow-motion effects to your videos.

And that’s not all!

With VidViral Pro & Template Club You Get

Get Access to the Image Viral Module

Pictures speak a thousand words! Do more than just video – Create viral Image Memes that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more! Use these Image Memes as thumbnails for your blog posts or video thumbnails or more.

All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

Upload images
from the web or your
own device

Enhance them with the
VidViral Pro version,

add emojis, icons, effects
and more

Render your
Image Memes

and have it ready
for upload!

Create Viral Gifs with the Gif Viral Module

Gifs are the second-most common image format in the world and VidViral Pro & Template Club lets you createawesome Gifs in 3 easy steps!

Upload your gif
from the Internet or from
your own device

Get creative,
add your
favourite elements

to make it stand out from
the crowd

Render your gif
and have it ready for
upload to your favourite

Boost Your CTR with the Viral Clicks Module

The Viral Clicks Module on VidViral Pro & Template Club gives you the opportunity to convert your regular image
into a clickable social post. This means, there is no need to add separate bitly links in your social posts!

With clickable images, you can direct users to any URL you choose.

This is a great feature for list building, affiliate marketing, to boost your CTR, and rake in higher
engagement statistics!

Click on the Viral Clicks Module on the Dashboard

Add Share Image URL and Redirect URL and Hit 'Create' Button

You will get the Share URL, Copy it and Paste on Social Media

The Offer to Upgrade Vidviral 2.0
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As we mentioned before, VidViral Pro & Template Club is a massive upgrade on the front-end product and gives
you the option to do much more with your Video Memes.

But the special price of $47 One Time is for a limited time only. As much as we would like everyone to use the Pro &
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To help boost their buyer traffic, CTR, engagement and sales, we are offering VidViral Pro & Template Club at a
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Offer Valid For
Limited Time

$27/Month ONLY $47 One Time (85% Off)

No-Risk      Super-Low Introductory Offer      Works On Mac And PC

with Vidviral Pro &Template Club

Do More with Images

It is a fact that images outperform text links. Boost post engagement with a wider library of images from the Image Viral Module.

Bring Your Memes to Life with Gifs

Attract buyer traffic by the dozens for ALL your posts with the magic of moving images with the Gif Viral Module on VidViral Pro & Template Club.

Go Viral with Clickable Images

Boost your ad CTR and social post engagement with VidViral Pro & Template Club’s Viral Clicks Module.

More Campaigns for You

Create 100 new campaigns every month and rake in significantly more buyer traffic and money with VidViral 2.0 Pro

Longer, Engaging Video Memes

Make longer video memes – that exceed 15 minutes in length – and explore long-form videos to engage your audience with the pro version!

More High-Converting Templates to choose from

To help you explore your creativity, VidViral 2.0 Pro & Template Club comes with 120+ high-converting video templates!

Explore Your Own Designs!

Save your own designs and use at your convenience with VidViral Pro & Template Club and create greater recall among your audience.

Additional Filters and Frames

Choose from dozens of frames, borders, and filters to give your video memes a distinct touch with VidViral 2.0 Pro!

Burn Sub-titles Straight to Your Video

Over and above the headers and footers you can add to your video memes, VidViral Pro & Template Club also lets you burn subtitles directly to the video file.

Massive Library of Icons and Images

Never repeat your images and icons across your video content thanks to the huge library available with VidViral Pro & Template Club!

Additional features On-Demand Requests

Suggest and access new additional features across the VidViral 2.0 Pro to make your video enhancement process better.

Increase or Decrease Video Speed

Increase or decrease the overall speed of your videos like 0.5x, 2x, 4x and also enjoy giving time-lapse and slow-motion effects to them easily.

All this, over and above the extended benefits of filters, frames, and high-converting templates,
all packed exclusively for you in VidViral Pro & Template Club!

With VidViral 2.0, you stand to save hundreds of $ in recurring fees!
And the best part?


That’s right! You can try VidViral 2.0 for yourself with a


If, during the first 30 days of use, you’re dissatisfied with VidViral 2.0 – for any reason whatsoever, we promise to
have your money back – no questions asked.

Just get in touch with our Support Team and we’ll make sure your money is refunded to you immediately.

Offer Valid For
Limited Time

$27/Month ONLY $47 One Time (85% Off)

VidViral 2.0 Pro and Template Club

No-Risk      Super-Low Introductory Offer      Works On Mac And PC